Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ho Hum

Hmm. I don't have anything pithy to say but I feel the nagging presence of a week old post. So, I figured I would hit the keyboard for a while and see if I became inspired.

Nope. Nothin.

Oh wait!
One exciting bit of news is that I became an Aunt for the first time Sunday night! My nephew's name is Brody Elisha. Cute name, huh?

Unfortunately, I haven't seen a picture of the kiddo yet because my brother took a picture with his phone and then text(ed?) it to everyone. My blackberry didn't get the message. So, I am waiting for my kin to leave the hospital, then have the time to send an email picture via the computer.

Apparently for Lent, God intended for me to practice patience.

Patience isn't my thing. Cooking is my thing. Oh, that reminds me!
I have a new goal coming down the pipe for all you fancy readers!

I am going to start tossing out some turn of the century recipes. (Not the recent turn of the century, the one before that). These recipes come from an old handwritten cookbook my grandmother gave me before she passed away. I have to take it out and look again, but I seem to recall that it was my grandfather's mother's. That sounds about right (well, maybe not grammatically). Anyway, some of the recipes have dates on them and the oldest one is from 1895! The trick though is that hardly any of the recipes have tempature or time notations. Some just give ingredients list and lack the narrative instructions. So, I will need your help to test them out!

Oh boy. Sizzles, is circling so I will grab a short one so that I can jump off the computer before she starts acting crazy. Sizzles does a fine rendition of crazy. Believe you me, no one wants any of that stuff coming their way, especially not this worn out mama.

Let's start with Snow Flake Cake:

1 cup of sugar
1/2 cup of butter
1/2 cup of sweet milk (not sure what that would mean other than NOT buttermilk or sour milk?)
Whites of three eggs
2 cups of flour
2 tsp baking powder
Then it says: flavor and frost.

This recipe is on the same page as a cake entitled, Mrs. Phinneys Sunshine Cake.

Doesn't that name just make you smile?

So, get to it! Make some Snow Flake Cake!

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Dolores said...

Fun stuff. According to the notes inside my grandmother's cookbook, "sweet milk" is fresh whole milk. Not de-fatted. And not processed with chemicals or heat.