Saturday, February 23, 2008

Barf Brain

We have had a challenging week around here. On Sunday, Sticky-Butt sat up in her crib and barfed all over herself, on Tuesday we had a parent/teacher conference and learned that Sizzles is being contrary at school. On Wednesday, in the morning rush to get to preschool and work, somehow Sticky-Butt locked herself in the bathroom and proceeded to rummage through the medicine drawer while we tried to jimmy the lock. On Thursday, Sizzles sat up in her bed and barfed all over herself.

It has been a long, long week but now it is the weekend and we are glad. :)

On the agenda for the weekend:

  • Find a small rocking chair for the girls' bedroom

  • Find some compressed yeast and rye flour

  • Bake country bread

  • Go to the farmer's market and buy organic beef, red carrots and fresh beets

  • Restock our muffin liner supply

  • Make beef stew with our farmer's market finds

  • Have a date with Brian

  • Read some more of Barbara Kingslover's book

  • Make pancakes and sausage for breakfast

  • Go to church on Sunday night



Amy said...

Hi Nicole - thanks for the comment and the blog recommendation - I found it and added to it my growing list of blogs. This blog thing is addicting!

Jaime said...

perhaps i am a big geek - but what is that photo at the top of this post? are those clostridial spores?!