Tuesday, January 8, 2008

When Dinner Bombs

Tonight's dinner was a mess. I have been trying to find some quick fix meals that meet my persnickety standards and the standards of my little clan and it was actually going quite well until tonight.

I acknowledge that I am hard to please. I have never really been into processed foods, I love to cook and once upon a time I even reviewed restaurants (only about 10 and then I got pregnant and started barfing and that was the end of that). But three nights a week I need to get in the door and get food on the table that is homemade and fast. Did I mention I also try to eat organic and local? Biting off more than you can chew will be the title of my next blog. :)

Part of the problem has been revealed to me over and over again. God has repeatedly made it clear to me that I have no business trying to cook a rice noodle. I overcook them and they turn to mush or I use to much sauce and they turn to mush or I over zealously toss them and they turn to mush. Have I learned? Um, NO. I am the ram your head into the wall a million times before accepting the truth kind of girl. And tonight, I rose to the rice noodle wall occasion. I am shamed to say I thought I could whip up a Pad Thai without bean sprouts, limes, and fresh roasted peanuts. I am ashamed to admit, I took some bottled peanut sauce and tossed it with some frozen shrimp and sauteed veggies and called it a day. If Bill (my super awesome friend who now is a snazzy food writer and nominated for a James Beard Award) is reading this post - I am so very very sorry. To all the hard-working cooks in Thai restaurants across this land - I am so very very sorry. To all who are about to take a look at this picture of my nasty, nasty concoction -

let my treachery be a lesson to you all and let it be known that cooking should be done with your full heart and full attention and if you don't have time to do it the right way, then just serve fried eggs, salami and toast for dinner.

Um. Did I mention that Sticky-Butt has a habit of placing her fried eggs on top of her head to get a laugh?

I'm proud. So very proud.


Jicm said...

Thank you, sweet friend, for the hearty post-dinner laugh. If it makes you feel any better, the chicken in my gluten-free chicken and rice soup was like shredded rubber cement. But, as DH said, the flavor was very nice. Love you!

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

I, too, have *almost* learned not to try and concoct anything or make random substitutions. I'm not a food critic by any means, but I do love to cook and I do love for it to turn out well! :) I am always trying new recipes and my hubs is always happy to have something to eat. The kids... not so much. But hey, they are picky and they can be picky about the new stuff I try just like the regular stuff! :)

If you are looking for some new recipes, you might like to check out my humble recipe blog. Most of it is dairy free as that is what we are dealing with at my house, but to make the recipes with dairy would be very easy. I've only recently started the blog, so it's not huge or anything, but you might find something...


Like the title? I told you... I've almost learned... LOL!