Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Crook Commune

From time to time we drive over to Birmingham and merge families with my good friend Jen for the weekend. Together, we have five kiddos all under the age of six. It's like the orphanage in the movie Annie, without the bald rich guy.

The weekend ritual is a bit like this: Jen and I cook like maniacs and the men allow themselves to be viewed as human circus rides. The husbands willingly partake in games entitled "Bouncy Booty, the Monkey Game, and the Weeeee Game."
Just to clarify, the men invented those games so really they hvae no one to blame but themselves.

So to recap: For Jen and I it is all about the food. For the kids it is all about the fun.
The husbands get to obsess about the presidential race at nausea while they chase children around the backyard. They are also in charge of ensuring that no one is peeing off the front porch.

Back to the food:
During that weekend visit, I brought over some organic stone ground grits which I snagged from the Morningside Farmer's Market. They were purchased directly from my friends at Stoneview Farms.
Jen and I love a grit. Grits are mmm.tasty! Grits are also perfect for feeding a slathering of children. So we made shrimp and grits. I think the whole meal cost about $16 and it ROCKED.

Wait a second. Come to think of it, we didn't share any with the children. We fed them fish fingers. Hmm.

For the best shrimp grits we all have ever had, head over to the sidebar.
The picture above shows most of the children drinking Mexican hot chocolate that Jen made from scratch. Can you guess which half-pint is the kid clan ring leader?

(His name is Mr. Lucas, a four year old who waltzes into his Montessori school and is immediately greeted by kids twice his age. Even four years old can give off the cool vibe. )

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